Celine Dion and kids wear brand NUNUNU launch new children’s fashion brand CELINUNUNU

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 13, 2018 /CNW/ — CELINUNUNU unites two forces by one voice: fashion has the power to shape people’s minds. The brand breaks stereotypes and inspires children to be free and find their own individuality through clothes.

Iconic vocalist Celine Dion and fashion designers Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg, co-founders of the global children’s fashion brand NUNUNU, have partnered to create CELINUNUNU.This new kids fashion brand liberates children from the traditional roles of boy/girl, offering them the freedom to choose clothes that strengthen their own power of personality, from a tender age.

CELINUNUNU believes that fashion builds concepts deep within our minds and changes thought patterns. It aims to free the forces of creativity and imagination in children, nurturing equality and flexibility of thought that enable kids to fully embrace who they are. It encourages children’s choices to be driven by their own true essence. CELINUNUNU instills the concept that everything is possible, equally.

CELINUNUNU’s groundbreaking debut collection includes over 70 silhouettes sizes 0-6M-14Y, harmonizing gender-neutral styles, timeless cuts, a distinct dictionary of symbols, and a minimalistic color palette that lets children shine at every stage. With NUNUNU’s steadfast dedication to dissolving norms and gender biases in fashion, amplified by Celine Dion’s voice and persona that echo acceptance and individuality, the two distinct worlds will break stereotypes together.

The forerunner global children’s fashion brand NUNUNU was founded in 2009. Completely by intuition, Adler and Milchberg created an alternative to children’s fashion, with a brand that broke stereotypes and dodged cliches. Their need for a basic DNA and a unisex offering created a global trend that is now an inspiration worldwide. Their agenda led them to defy the traditional dichotomy of boy/girl clothing – and while the world of fashion divided children into pink and blue, Adler and Milchberg were at the forefront, showing that in the world of real individuals not everything is so black and white.

The collaboration between Celine Dion and nununu was facilitated by Dan Levin of Prominent Brand+Talent with support from Epic Rights, who jointly represent Celine Dion.

CELINUNUNU is available globally at www.celinununu.com

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