PROMINENT Brand + Talent is able to offer a unique mix of advice, access and implementation to help brands and celebrities realize their goals. We form a true partnership by making direct investments in our client’s businesses, sharing ownership goals and rewards in a way most other agencies cannot. Our results-based approach is supported with a track record of success and a reputation of high integrity through flawless execution.

Licensing & Brand Representation

We are experts at incubating new products and expanding existing brands nationally and globally. We offer licensee performance management, evaluation consulting, and sales support; plus any and all related creative services including style guides, sales materials, website design, and video production.

Talent Management

We identify, negotiate and secure brand ambassadors and celebrity partnerships, establishing direct-to-consumer campaigns for broadcast and digital programming.

Endorsements & Marketing

We excel at matching celebrity endorsers with target brands in a manner that results in the magnification and realization of marketing goals, thus mutually benefitting both parties.

Brand Accelerator

We are skilled at connecting entertainment professionals with brand owners, retailers and promotional partners, searching out and securing the perfect fit. We provide media production and sales with broadcast and digital campaign support.

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