Designing for Wellness by Susie Frazier


“Susie Frazier’s work highlights the beneficial effect of well-building on well-being and illustrates how using elements of nature in our hospitals, homes, workplace and daily environment can help heal our mind, body and spirt. This novel approach to wellness represents a 21st century approach to holistic health and is supported by solid scientific data.” — Dr. Roy Buchinsky, University Hospitals Director of Wellness

Acclaimed artist Susie Frazier has spent the last 20 years designing calm-inducing art and accents for hospitals, hotels, corporations, and homes. Having lived with undiagnosed anxiety and ADHD since childhood, she developed her own methodology, rooted in biophilia, for enhancing spaces in ways that ease the overstimulated brain. Today, current research in wellness architecture has caught up with what Frazier has innately known – that decorative decisions made in our built environments have a direct impact on our minds.

As architects and planners are sprinting to learn about the new WELL Building Standard for developing healthier public places, Frazier is offering a glimpse into what’s coming in the next generation of interior design. In a clear and simple format, Designing For Wellness delivers a collection of 15 mindful tips that anyone can implement at home in order to nurture their own emotional well-being.

“The most immediate way to improve well-being is by bringing outside elements to inside settings,” says Frazier. “Being able to touch and see actual materials from the earth or even just integrate natural patterns into surfaces, textiles or art, has been proven to reduce anxiety in humans.”

Living most of her life with undiagnosed ADHD and anxiety, Frazier developed a mechanism for calming herself through aesthetic choices that are heavily influenced by patterns and forms from nature. With over 41 million people in the United States living with these same conditions, Frazier openly shares how she manages her condition through various decisions she makes in the built environment. Her self-taught principles, now backed by a growing body of scientific research in wellness architecture, have found their way into every aspect of her business from soothing art compositions, to soulful and streamlined furniture, to enriching colors, textures, and sounds in the rooms that she styles.

Beyond the easy-to-read tips, the book itself is calming and inspiring due to the bold and mesmerizing photographs of art and projects Frazier has worked on over the years. She visually shows the reader how to see through her eyes.

In a highly informative, creative and inspirational interview, Frazier will discuss:

  • Being a pioneer in the modern day Maker Movement and one of Cleveland’s original reclamation artists and how she turned her passion for distressed materials into objects of beauty that embody a feeling of serenity
  • Simple tips that anyone can implement to improve their own well-being through their daily settings
  • 5 design changes you can make to your own living space that will help you feel less stressed or more at ease no matter the place or size
  • Examples of design features that are unknowingly agitating your state of mind, causing more harm than good.
  • How holistic health and wellness goes beyond physical and spiritual practices
  • How the next era of interior design and home improvement is all about the mind
  • Her repertoire of one-of-a-kind design from furniture, wall décor, accessories to jewelry

“Current research shows that design features of any built environment have a direct impact on people’s well-being and the world’s first building standard focused exclusively on human health and wellness has been created,” explains Frazier. “It’s called the WELL Building Standard and it’s just starting to expand beyond institutions and healthcare settings to retail stores, multifamily housing developments, restaurants and educational environments. Single family homes will eventually come next.”

SUSIE FRAZIER is a 2018 Emmy® award-winning producer and on-air personality for her lifestyle show “Movers & Makers with Susie Frazier,” which aired on NBC affiliate station WKYC TV3 in 2017. For over two years, she has been the brand ambassador to Mont Surfaces, one of America’s leading suppliers of natural stone, engineered quartz, and porcelain slabs for the building industry. She speaks publicly at special events, writes articles for media publications, and appears on TV, inspiring colleagues and consumers about anxiety-reducing design choices that any of us can make.

Social; IG: @susiefrazier, FB: @susie.frazier.cleveland, Pinterest: @SusieFrazierCLE
Designing for Wellness can be purchased on Amazon and bookstores across the country

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